The Capture™ scanners from 3D Systems deliver accurate and fast blue light 3D scanning technology in a portable, lightweight unit that can be hand-held, static and easily combined into a multi-scanner configuration. With the optional ProPack, you can seamlessly add hands-free turntable scanning and transport your scanner safely in a high-quality case. The Capture comes in two models, the Capture and Capture Mini, which are integrated with Geomagic reverse engineering and 3D inspection software for rapid and highly accurate scan-to-
3D processes.

使用功能强大的工业级 3D 扫描仪与软件集成系统 Capture,为您的产品开发流程增速,把物理对象直接转化到 CAD 中,自动进行 3D 精度检测。


  • 3D Systems 助力快速上市

    Streamline your workflow, incorporate quality inspection and deliver products to market faster with the power of 3D Systems’ complete digital thread. Capture delivers a bridge between physical parts and digital software tools for rapid design, engineering, production and quality control. Bring physical objects to CAD in combination with the industry-leading Geomagic Design X reverse engineering software, recreate lost or damaged design files, verify dimensions, prepare for 3D printing and manufacture confidently.

  • Geomagic-capture-3d-reverse-engineer-parts
  • 快速恢复丢失的设计数据

    丢失了设计数据?过去的部件找不到图纸?Capture 使您可以在基于无缝扫描的设计工作流中更加快速轻松地为高度复杂的损坏部件重新创建 3D CAD 数据。并可以直接从此处进入到 3D 打印或制造流程。

  • Desktop scanning with Geomagic Capture for Inspection
  • 降低成本和提高效率

    完整的 Capture 系统,其中包括集成的 Geomagic 软件、低于其他专业 3D 扫描仪的成本。首次使用时,您将获得来自同一供应商的精度、扫描封装和高级软件。

  • 设计源于您周围的世界

    Capture ushers in a new design paradigm where existing objects provide inspiration for innovative new products. Improve upon, learn from, customize and reuse the designs that surround you every day with a 3D scanner for CAD. Easily inspect your first article parts with the combination of Capture scanner and Geomagic Control X metrology software.

  • 通过 Geomagic Control X 将实用的 3D 扫描数据融入 3D 检测过程
  • 通过 Geomagic Capture ProPack 增强扫描

    Capture ProPack 为您提供了强大的、无需手动的便携式 360° 扫描技术。 针对 Capture 扫描体验进行的一体化扩展包括强大的、全自动转台以及用于固定扫描物的夹具。这在拟合困难的情况中保证了安装 Capture 扫描仪和三脚架的空间。

  • 借助多个 Capture 扫描进行更加快速的扫描

    快速设置多个 Capture 组合,且更加快速地扫描和处理准确的 3D 数据。该软件的高级自动化和脚本工具使重复设置变得更加简单易行。

  • Capture 扫描仪可与多个扫描仪组合链接