Make Sense of 3D

Sense 扫描仪 Kayak 案例研究

Transform the way you work with the best-in-class Sense 3D scanner. Fast, easy, portable and practical, the Sense offers full-color 3D scanning for use in your home, school and business.

Intel RealSense 技术支持

Sense 2 是首款使用最新的近距离扫描技术的 USB 驱动手持式扫描仪,技术支持来自 Intel RealSense SR300 3D 摄像头。配备高清彩色摄像头和高敏感度红外线投射器,RealSense 技术能够更近距离地扫描,分辨率相比上一代设备更高。

采用 3D 扫描数据简化设计流程

在设计和 CAD 软件中融入实体产品的 Sense 快速扫描,使启动更快,优化概念设计。选择 4 种主要 3D 文件格式之一,可在下游环节保存、传输和使用扫描数据。




Build 3D archives, product visualizations and communicate your products with Sense

Rapidly archive and preserve artifacts, products and items as color 3D data and scan objects to begin design for 3D gaming applications. Market your products by using 3D scan data in online catalogs and visualizations for marketing. Post 3D scans to share with your peers or customers directly from the Sense software at SketchFab and Facebook.

Streamline production processes

Easily create, design and 3D print jigs and fixtures using scan data to assist with production and machining processes. Enhance the value of 3D assembly manuals by including rapid and accurate 3D scan data from the shop floor.

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Create your custom product lines with 3D scans

Incorporate Sense scans to enable rapid product designs for custom-fit sporting goods, packaging and more by using customers’ unique scan data in your design software

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Sense 扫描 Kayak 项目


Scan at home

将 3D 扫描融入业余爱好中,让木工、首饰制作等手工变得更有成就感。缩小以实际大小扫描的对象,以 3D 形式打印自定义的遥控车和遥控飞机。还可以扫描家人进行彩色 3D 打印,记录难忘的温情时刻。

Kistner 使用 Sense 进行 3D 扫描


Scan on the go

The Sense 3D scanner is light, highly portable and small enough to fit in your laptop bag so you can scan data wherever you are and bring it back to the office to complete and enhance your designs.

使用 Sense 进行的树木扫描