Derby 天生残疾,但这并不意味着他将失去行动能力。

Derby 的生活因 3D 打印变得更加美好

3D scanning software and 3D printing allows Derby to walk and run. With his prosthetics created through personal 3D scan data, Geomagic Freeform sculpting software, and printed on a 3D Systems ProJet MJP 5600, he can function much like any other dog and even leads way ahead of his owner.

无论是否佩戴假肢,Derby 都能享受生活。

Derby's disability meant that he has uniquely malformed front legs that could not simply be fit to a standard prosthetic. The peculiar gait caused by his disability also meant a detailed strategy was needed to accommodate him. This meant the development of custom cups shaped to his scan data using Geomagic freeform, plus the testing and addition of the 'rocker' design to enable him to run. 

The printing of Derby's prosthetics was done on a ProJet MJP 3D printer by 3D Systems which enabled rapid production of the prosthetics in multi-materials including rubber grips on the rocker base and softer materials for the cups. The prosthetic supports themselves were 3D printed in the harder material to give strength but composited with some rubber to reduce impact while he runs.


如果没有 3D 打印,Derby 可能永远无法像现在一样自由行动。

With 3D printing, the prosthetics are rapidly produced as single parts which eradicates the need for complex assembly processes.