Quickparts is now part of 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing, a full-service manufacturing production service bureau. Our Quickparts service group offers designers and engineers the ability to produce conventional and 3D printed rapid prototypes in as little as 24 hours using a variety of metal and plastic materials. With instant online quoting, order management, and file upload, Quickparts is one of the most respected quick-turn prototyping services in the world. Our services include 3D printed selective laser sintering (SLS), stereolithography (SLA), full-color ColorJet 3D printing (CJP), injection molding, and CNC machining.

Our Quickparts prototyping and 3D printing production centers offer fast design iterations, physical proof-of-concept and performance testing, scale models, and functional testing. Quickparts offers unparalleled access to the tools of modern manufacturing, giving you the ability to test form, fit, and function repeatedly and with an accurate representation of the final product or part.

Get started today by uploading your CAD design model, input requirements, and place your 3D printed prototype order within minutes. The talented 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing design production specialists turn projects around with some of the highest quality output in the industry.



Quickparts – Fast Turn Prototyping, Advanced Prototyping and Low-Volume Manufacturing





在短短 24 小时内收到原型

NOTE: Some orders may need a manual quote from our experts. Upload your model and recieve your quote within 24 hours.


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  • 立体光固化成型印刷

    满足 3D 打印部件中精确度与表面光洁度的最高标准。可打印从几毫米到 5 英尺(1.5 米)各种不同尺寸型号、具有丰富细节特征的部件,同时实现超高的分辨率和精确度,基本杜绝部件收缩或弯曲现象。

  • 数控加工


  • 浇注型聚氨酯


  • 采用 3D Systems Cimatron 软件和直接金属打印技术的高级注塑成型


    3D Systems 适用于工具和模具设计与制造的高级解决方案,帮助用户构建更优质、更复杂的注塑成型部件,与此同时还可降低成本,提高生产效率。