Announcing GibbsCAM® 12

GibbsCAM 12 reinvents the way programmers use CAM software. With a balance of new features and interface enhancements, GibbsCAM 12 delivers a CAM solution that is perfect for both seasoned users and brand new programmers. GibbsCAM 12 introduces a modern, updated interface that is designed to increase user efficiency and improve the entire user experience.

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The new user interface brings an up-to-date look and an ability to customize, along with ease-of-use features that users expect, all while maintaining the traditional GibbsCAM personality, character, and workflow. These changes modernize the GibbsCAM interface, making it more familiar and inviting to new users while preserving the powerful simplicity that experienced users to appreciate.

GibbsCAM 12 updated user interface
Find out the story behind the updated user interface in this video.
  • Redesigned command icons
  • More accessible Process list
  • Added locations for Do It and Redo buttons
  • Custom Processes are more easily accessible
  • Powerful command search

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  • Add or subtract icons from toolbars
  • Create user defined toolbars
  • Un-docking and repositioning of toolbars
  • Resizable Tile lists
  • Switch between large and small tiles with two clicks

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  • Easily duplicate part programs across multiple setups
  • Choose Equally Spaced, Grid, or manually define positions
  • Define tool motion between instances
  • Complete all operations for a single part, or one operation at a time across all parts

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For multi-axis machining applications, GibbsCAM 12 utilizes the latest technology of tool motion and part orientation to ensure the most productive programs and full machine tool utilization.

  • Define Clearance Area automatically
  • Maximize 3-Axis machining when doing porting
  • Set Check Tolerance for Gouge checking


    Enhancements in Advanced 3D toolpath strategies provide more powerful and efficient tool motion to minimize machine run times.

    • Automatic fixture avoidance
    • Enable Plunge lead-in
    • Link toolpaths using High Feedrate tool motion
    • Define minimum machined pocket size
    • More Entry/Exit control


    High-quality entry level training videos from Cognus are now accessible directly from the Help menu.

    • Complete instruction for Production Milling
    • Tutorial is made up of multiple five-minute videos
    • Materials such as detailed drawing files and example programs are included
    • Additional training for advanced modules is available for purchase from Cognus


    GibbsCAM 12 Enhancement Videos