GibbsCAM 2015 introduces its new engine, the Universal Kinematic Machine (UKM). GibbsCAM with UKM technology was developed to further simplify programming, provide the flexibility to easily support the most advanced machines, and accurately simulate all of the machine components and capabilities of any machine. GibbsCAM 2015 contains significant improvements throughout the product line from geometry creation to toolpath strategies, as well as significant improvements to tooling, including integration with the Adveon Tooling Library.


  • Redesigned DCD (Document Control Dialog) with context-dependent tab sets

  • User Colors editable by selection, RGB key-in or color palette loading 播放视频

  • Workgroup Type (wrapped/not wrapped part geometry, extruded or revolved part stock) is now shown in the Workgroup list

  • Reporter can now write directly to *xlsx files without having to use Microsoft Excel

  • New Pack and Go feature allows for easy and complete sharing of parts and setups through automatic creation of a package file containing the GibbsCAM part and all associated files necessary for that part to execute properly on a different computer 播放视频



  • New Contour Trace function allows for creating a machinable contour from a chain of intersecting lines and circles 播放视频

  • Modify spline curves with the new Edit Spline function by dragging knots and control points 播放视频

Improved Tooling


  • Redesigned Tool dialog, including new icons and dynamic 3D viewing of tools and tool holders 播放视频

  • New mill tool types: Barrel, Dovetail, Convex Tip, & 3D form tools (solid models)

  • New lathe tools: 75° Diamond (ISO E-style) & 3D form tools (solid models)

  • Straight, tapered and stepped shanks are now supported for all mill tool

Adveon 刀具库
Adveon 刀具库

    • Integration with Sandvik Coromant’s Adveon Tool Library enables importing cutting tools from Sandvik and any other ISO 13399 compliant system

    • Makes a standard library, with latest tool data, always available

    • Simplifies managing tool data

    • Allows building, saving and reusing a tool library for the shop

    • Enables linking tools and tool assemblies to parts, for use and reuse

*Only Milling tools will be supported for initial GibbsCAM 2015 release


  • Helix Bore plug-in functions now integrated with the Holes process

  • Enhancements to Helix Bore and Mill Bore functions

VOLUMILL高效加工策略 播放视频

  • Pre-drilling is now supported

  • New back-and-forth strategy

  • Toolpath can now be processed in backgrounds

  • Ability to specify minimum feedrate

  • Collision avoidance with tool holders and tool shanks

Enhanced support for compound holes with multiple straight/tapered/threaded segments.
Enhanced support for compound holes with multiple straight/tapered/threaded segments.

2.5D 实体

钻孔 播放视频

  • Improvements to Hole Manager

  • Hole Feature enhancements in holes process dialog

  • Enhanced support for compound holes with multiple straight/tapered/threaded segments

  • Helix Bore plug-in functions are now integrated with the Holes process

  • Improved data structures, associativity, and feature recognition

  • Holes are now treated as fully associative features of solid bodies, independent of geometric points and workgroups

  • More support for imported hole features: Holes from SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor and CATIA V5 are now fully associative features

  • Hole features, including compound holes, can easily be edited with the new interactive Hole Editor

New high-speed machining capabilities
New high-speed machining capabilities


  • New Adaptive Roughing, a high-speed strategy which levels tool loading and allows deeper cuts

5 轴铣削

  • Streamlined 5-axis drilling interface

  • Improved post processor support for holemaking cycles, including those for 5-axis

Intermediate Tooling
Intermediate Tooling

多任务加工 (MTM)


  • Support for toolblocks (adapter blocks, holders for tool holders, right-angle and adjustable heads and flash tooling) with toolblock library

  • Support for fixtures (chucks, tailstocks, steady rests and other work holding) including fixture library

  • Simplifies programming through easy and accurate placement and orientation of tools

  • MTM tooling is now more manageable and simulation more accurate


  • Improved sync capabilities give greater control over tool motion

  • Added the ability to sync away from the part

Swiss-style machining
Swiss-style machining


  • UKM enables better control over machine motion between operations, allows full support of features such as axis synchronization and double drilling, and fully supports machine simulation 播放视频


  • Other classes of complex machines are also fully supported. These can include rotary-table mill-turn machines; multi-flow, non-turning machines such as multi-head, multi-table mills and mills with steady rests or pallet changers; and turning centers with multiple turning planes



  • Rendering and simulation are more accurate, complete and efficient

  • Displays intermediate tooling for more complete simulation of all moving components

  • Improved rendering palette

  • New Stops and Watches for customized monitoring of key rendering conditions

塔式加工系统 (TMS)

  • New machining-order strategies for optimizing use of rotary axes 播放视频

  • Custom spacing, unconfined by uniform grid, is now available for part layout 播放视频

  • Different clearances may now be specified when transitioning between coordinate systems at the same (B-axis) rotational angle


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