VSP Orthognathics planning image with guides


With nearly 10 years of experience in VSP (Virtual Surgical Planning), 3D Systems’ un-matched expertise provides surgeons with improved accuracy and surgical outcomes that results in reduced time in the operating room benefiting both patients and surgeons. 

An essential tool for pre-surgical planning and patient-specific models, guides and templates; VSP is a 510(k) cleared service that provides surgeons with clear 3D visualization of a patient’s anatomy to develop a surgical plan prior to entering the operating room. 

Following the online planning session between our biomedical engineers and the surgeon; patient-specific surgical guides, models and instruments are designed and 3D printed for use within the sterile field. Surgeons around the world are seeing the benefits of the 3D visualization that VSP provides.

VSP 流程

  • Upload CT/CBCT Data.
  • CMF CT Scan Image
    Medical imaging data is prepared for the web meeting.
  • vsp webmeeting between engineer and surgeon
    Surgical planning web meeting takes place between the surgeon and 3D Systems engineers.
  • patient-specific guide design
  • Case report review and design approval
  • 3D printing models, guides and templates.
  • 3D printed models guides and templates are shipped.
  • Intermediate splint in patient's mouth
  • VSP Workflow in Action

    Discover how integrating precision healthcare with 3D technologies can contribute to better surgical outcomes.


  • 正颌手术计划,使用 CAD/CAM 过渡和最终钢套
  • 游离瓣或骨移植下颌骨或上颌骨重建
  • 创伤手术,包括复位导向器和扩增的 DICOM 数据以辅助导航
  • 牵引成骨计划,包括矢量定位和牵引器放置
  • 使用自体材料指导小耳畸形修复
  • Jaw in a Day,实现从切除到假体置入的单阶定形颌骨重建。
  • Craniofacial reconstruction including procedures related to craniosynostosis and cranial vault distraction.


VSP 产品