It started with a savage act, but thanks to animal welfare advocates, a group of dedicated specialists, and leading-edge 3D technologies, a young Costa Rican toucan has become a national symbol of perseverance and hope.

巨嘴鸟名为 Grecia,以其所生活的地区命名,在被青少年袭击后,美丽的喙几乎失去了整个顶部部分。幸运的是,鸟在受伤后得以发现并被带到附近的 Zoo Ave 进行护理和康复,这是中美洲最大的动物救援中心。

Grecia 的袭击受到媒体的广泛关注,引发了一系列的抗议活动,提议在哥斯达黎加制定法律更好地保护动物。民众为 Grecia 的治疗募集了 10,000 美元。 


Grecia’s story got the attention of Grupo SG in San José, Costa Rica. As a distributor of 3D Systems products, Grupo SG was in a position to offer a complete chain of 3D solutions─from scanning to modeling to printing─to help the toucan’s return to health.

Grupo SG, with a team headed by Thomas Lange and Karley Fu, provided technical expertise and connected regional specialists in industrial design, dentistry, nanotechnology and zoology to 3D Systems’ worldwide 3D technology resources.

After giving time for the remaining part of the toucan’s top beak to harden, Grupo SG used an Artec Spider 3D scanner to capture dimensions and features from Grecia’s beak and surrounding areas. The toucan needed to be awake during the process.

“Scanning a live toucan without anesthesia was difficult,” says Esteban Murillo, Sales Representative for Grupo SG. “We made two or three different scans to make sure we had all the data we needed. The toucan stayed very still but the clock was ticking.”

Grupo SG 为了获取更多的数据,还扫描了一只死去的巨嘴鸟的整个喙。

3D Systems’ Geomagic® Wrap® software was used to process and modify 3D scan data into 3D models. Geomagic Control™ software, typically used for 3D inspection of industrial products, was used to obtain measurements and analyze geometry.


Grupo SG 与来自韩国首尔的 3D Systems 建模团队的 3D 逆向工程专家 Youngkwan Joo 分享了照片、文档、扫描文件和要求。

Joo worked with two sets of data: One from the scanning of Grecia’s broken beak and the other from the whole beak of the dead toucan. His first step was designing a well-fitted beak for Grecia using Geomagic Freeform® software from 3D Systems.

Geomagic Freeform enables users to sculpt virtual clay models into organically shaped precision forms. The solution includes a Geomagic® Touch™ X haptic device – a true 3D interface with force feedback to make design as intuitive as working in real clay.

Joo brought the models from Geomagic Freeform into Geomagic Design™ X, the ideal solution for converting 3D-scanned mesh data into CAD models. Geomagic Design X offers automatic and guided solid model extraction, exact surface fitting to organic 3D scans, and mesh editing and point-cloud processing for manufacturing-ready designs.

在对喙进行建模之后,Joo 设计了一个封端,用于将义喙连接到 Grecia 顶部喙的剩余部分。封端便于移除义喙时进行清洁,并且随着时间的推移 Grecia 不断长大,封端也有利于插入更大的义喙。

Joo 表示设计工作是在两个月内完成的,但实际上他花了不到十几个小时就完成了义喙的几个版本的设计与轻微修改工作。

“由于 Geomagic Design X 作为参数化建模工具的功能强大,因此极大地节省了时间。”Joo 表示,“Design X 的命令进行了优化,可以使用扫描数据轻松且快速地创建精准、优质的曲面。我们还可以为创意设计工作进行常规的 CAD 建模。”


义喙的打造离不开美国的两名 3D Systems 材料专家的共同努力 —— 西雅图大区全球材料销售和市场营销副总裁 Steve Hanna,以及 3D Systems Rock Hill, S.C. 总部的材料和工艺研发高级总监 Khalil Moussa。

Hanna and Moussa studied the characteristics of real toucan beaks and load factors provided by the experts in Costa Rica and made recommendations on printers and materials.
Grupo SG and Moussa experimented with CubePro Nylon material for the initial prototypes and settled on Duraform PA for the final version. Duraform PA, a robust nylon material, was chosen for its strength and durability qualities that match Grecia’s needs for preening, drinking and eating.

最终打印是在 Rock Hill 3D Systems ProX™ 500 选择性激光烧结 (SLS) 打印机上完成的,这款打印机以生产高精度、高耐用性和优质部件而闻名。ProX 500 和 Duraform PA 广泛用于航空部件和生物相容性医疗设备。

“Second chance for life”

3D 打印的封端和义喙运往哥斯达黎加供 Grecia 使用。封端通过环氧树脂胶粘合到巨嘴鸟的剩余喙部分,义喙用固定的铰链锁定在适当位置。护理团队没有将喙涂色来警示 Grecia 的悲剧和康复。

Grecia 很快适应了新的义喙。几天后,它就可以用新的义喙梳理羽毛,正常饮食。根据 Zoo Ave 的消息,它的歌唱声甚至比以往更动听。
对于 Grupo SG 来讲,义喙不仅代表了技术的进步,更是民族自豪感的象征。

“The voice of the Costa Rican nation was raised loudly and clearly and we have the privilege of being part of this team that provided a second chance for life to this beautiful sentient being,” says Karley Fu. “A team of great humans and gifted professionals executed a never-seen-before act of love in collaboration with the latest 3D technologies.”