3D Systems Accura Phoenix 塑料部件

3D Systems Accura ABS 黑色塑料部件

Produce exact plastic and composite material parts without the limitations of tooling for CNC or injection molding with 3D printing in SLA with 3D Systems. The ProX 800 delivers part accuracy and surface quality achievable only with Stereolithography (SLA) additive manufacturing technology.  Immediately produce low- to medium-run parts at a lower per-unit cost, and build massive, highly detailed pieces faster.


The ProX 800 printer gives you one single point of contact for expert application support and daily use of our gold standard Stereolithography 3D printing technology. The very wide spectrum of Accura® materials is developed and customized to our SLA 3D print engines and enable  polypropylene-like, tough/durable, clear, casting, high-temp and composites and specialty materials to meet your application and product requirements. Rapidly 3D print prototypes, investment casting patterns, thermoforming molds, and more, and integrate with our software technologies to enable mass-custom manufacturing processes in your production line.

Access the industry-leading 3D Sprint software at no charge with each SLA 3D printer to enable rapid view, repair, enhancement and automated placement of parts in preparation for 3D printing. Your enhanced design for additive manufacturing workflow begins here.


无论是更换打印机还是重复打印作业,整个建模平台的部件都能保持高精确度(误差 +/-45 微米)和精密度。无论是大型部件(可达 650 x 750 x 550 毫米,25.6 x 29.5 x 21.65 英寸)还是最小部件,特征重现都能精确到 0.1 毫米或 0.004 英寸 – 具体取决于几何结构、方位和构建模式。


    • 用于真空铸造的母模
    • Shell investment casting patterns for metal casting
    • 复杂装配件
    • 风洞模型
    • Rapid production of flow test rigs
    • Mass customization production (orthodontic, dental,)
    • Custom assembly jigs and fixtures
  • 特点:

    • 立体光固化成型技术 (SLA)
    • 最大建模封装容量
      (宽 x 深 x 高):25.6 x 29.5 x 21.65 英寸
      (650 x 750 x 550 毫米)
    • 精度最高 - 达到或超过注塑成型的精度,能够与 CNC 匹敌
    • 可交换式材料缸 (MDM)
    • 还可使用刚性、稳定的纳米复合材料
    • 直观的软件,适用于部件设置和生产
    • 可用于医疗应用的具体软件模块
    • 与同类打印机相比使用的材料减少 1/3
  • 好处:

    • 多台打印机一次同时进行材料更换,全程轻松快速
    • 本地现场服务和应用支持
    • Single source solution (for 3D printers, materials and software)
    • 易于使用 - 直观的工作流程
    • 部件快速可用
    • 减少材料浪费
    • 通过内部保留 CAD 数据保护知识产权  
    • 灵活广泛的应用领域
    • 完美呈现各尺寸部件的生动细节


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