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选择性激光烧结技术 - 通过生产级材料拓展制造能力

The Ultimate 3D Manufacturing Solution: Selective Laser Sintering is a process that uses high-powered CO2 lasers to selectively melt and fuse powdered thermoplastics. This process is ideal if you are looking to produce tough, functional parts, with the possibility to achieve excellent surface finish and fine detailing.

It is the best choice for engineers looking for functional parts and prototypes in the sectors of automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, surgical instruments and shop floor manufacturing.

Download this free eBook to help you make the best decision for your SLS application. This guide will assist you in choosing exactly the right material combination for your production part.

  • Choose from 10 production-grade materials for robust repeatable parts and grasp the main features and benefits at one glance
  • Discover the unique benefits of each material and learn about their applications
  • Find out who else is using the materials and learn from their experience