The VisiJet® M2 EBK is a flexible opaque black material that is excellent for printing soft, rubber-like parts, such as gaskets, piping and more. This elastomeric material offers the best combination of pliability and strength, with amazing elongation and full elastic memory.

  • 通过 3D 打印,您能利用塑料打印出哪些成品?

    3D 塑料打印为工程级材料、弹性体和复合材料提供众多选择。您是否需要柔韧性?强度?生物相容性?或其他特性?

  • 塑料 3D 打印的优势

    3D 塑料打印几乎可以打印一切东西,如用于原型制造、制造、解剖模型等。只需选择一种塑料材料,3D 技术就会实现您所需的特征。

Printers compatible with this material: