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DuraForm® ProX® FR1200 delivers highly accurate flame retardant nylon parts with excellent surface quality for aerospace, transportation and consumer goods applications. Compliant with U.S. Federal Aviation Regulation 25.853 and within Airbus Industries Test Method (AITM) guidelines for smoke density and toxicity, DuraForm ProX FR1200 introduces direct 3D production in aerospace to accelerate part delivery and reduce downtime. DuraForm ProX FR1200 is a non-halogenated Nylon 12 material.

Applications include:

  • Aircraft interior parts
  • Direct 3D production of parts requiring flame retardancy
  • Consumer electronics and other goods
  • 通过 3D 打印,您能利用塑料打印出哪些成品?

    3D 塑料打印为工程级材料、弹性体和复合材料提供众多选择。您是否需要柔韧性?强度?生物相容性?或其他特性?

  • 塑料 3D 打印的优势

    3D 塑料打印几乎可以打印一切东西,如用于原型制造、制造、解剖模型等。只需选择一种塑料材料,3D 技术就会实现您所需的特征。

Printers compatible with this material:

  • 按需打印和数字化制造

    我们在线提供专业级 3D 打印和制造服务,使设计师和工程师能够直接使用工具根据数字 3D 文件设计、迭代和生产优质部件。